Monday, May 29, 2006

Victoria's Birthday Weekend

Victoria turned 16 this weekend and her dad bought her the most kick ass party ever. We started the evening of in the basement of Dick Clark's summer cottage over looking the Alps.

The Cake was made by Dick's house Chef, and star of a bunch of those James Bond movies Roger Moore. It was made from pure arctic snow and was to die for.

Beth couldn't believe that snow could be so awesome, Brian had never seen snow, or heard about cake, so he was going nuts.

Victoria tried to kill Brian but he lived, so it was okay. We then took a jet to NYC where we decided to mingle with the college crowd.
This guy tried to trick me, but as you can see the killer Alt rock hits he was spinning were being generated by two Guy-Pods. But if you could not see over the partition it might have looked like this guy was indeed actually DJing...Ding Dong you are gay.

The chair came out, but the B-day girl did not take the bait

"No you didn't!"

Then the next day we went to the "beach" Best Sweet 16 ever

This is my uncle Rocco, he loves ice pops and pogo ball
I'm glad that breakdancing is so popular with the youth

Franko knows how to dance, so watch your ass ladies!
Joel Sandwich, who wants a bite?

In 100 years from now this will be a painting, not unlike the one of George Washington on that boat.

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