Saturday, July 21, 2007


People have been asking me lately, "What have you been up to"?
My most frequent reply is, "Nothing", but really I have done some things so here is a short List.

I spent some time over at Joel and Liz' lounge den. Listing to records, eating food and admiring Chicken's ass. (I found out that Timmy also like to take photos of her ass as well)

I watched Franco slowy fall alseep, waking only for talk of Movie Theater nachos

I meet a wee Potato Man

He was kinda creepy

I moved some stuff around my living room

I had a birthday gathering

People came

They were there, and so were other people I know

I made a football field out of plexi glass

I went to a wedding, that was fun

Everyone danced better than me

Only 4 hours before this these two people had different last names

The Cake was really good. I remember eating it and trying to figure out why none of the wedding cakes I have eaten have "crunchies" from the Carvel cakes in them...but then again I have only been to 4 weddings. So step it up people!

I got really dirty and tired from all these cables

I wanted to tie them around my neck

I think that all cables should be made of candy, this would have been a lot more fun if that were the case.
That is about it. I'll let you know when more stuff happends.

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Anonymous said...

I like your apartment. It kinda looks like the loft I had on Market St. Except you probably have a stove and your own bathroom