Sunday, December 16, 2007


Thanks Canada! I never want to go to work ever again!

"It's Cool, I'm 123 pounds wearing a super expensive diamond in a place where I handle chopped meat. I also handle anything you may put in your mouth without gloves."
Good thing the time machine in the kitchen brought back Bo Duke's stunt double to assist you.

"...and I should have taken that job at the "Pillow Palace", but the misses insisted I be in a place I love, so here I am moving crap around a warehouse where at night time bad guys from action movies meet up and exchange goods."

This one is just fucked up..I don't know might be because he hits a truck on the way down.

This one sucks on 3 levels:

  1. I'm on ladders all the time
  2. she got worked on the glass table
  3. I guess "Noxema girl" Rebecca Gayheart has Canadian cousins

Hey Canada you know I'm one of your biggest fans, but come on...I think you should take a look at these PSAs and rethink some things.

HEY CANADA, Please take a look at one of your most popular icons..he knows the deal.

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