Thursday, February 07, 2008

Super Bowl Funday MVP'S

Liz gets an MVP award for
Making a huge meatball...
Letting 15 animals use your apartment as a sports bar
Marching on Washington
Servin' suckas on da hardwood
Shooting lasers from her eyeballs
Knitting a sweater for a homeless kitten with a human baby's head

I sort of forgot I brought my camera to the Super Bowl party. So I guess I have to write about it since I only took one picture.
A few days earlier at Joel's birthday party...

(I forgot my camera battery at work for this event, but Timmy took a shitload of pictures, maybe he would post them on his blog, Come on Slim, get the lead out!)
Franco was talking about football team chants, and what he was going to yell on Sunday. He forgot "Lets Go Giants" and instead blurted out "Giants, Cha Cha Cha".
This would later haunt all the New Englanders at Joel and Liz's on Sunday evening.

As I got off the G at 4pm I was starving. I didn't eat anything all day on purpose because I knew the insane food set-up at "J&L Towers" was going to be like the Iron Chefs themselves had come by and and the secret ingredient was "magic".
As I strolled down N 2nd I ran into Patrick and Franco heading away from the party.
Me: "Where are you guys going?"
Patrick: "Liz flipped out and tossed us out"
Franco: "Yeah"
Patrick: "No,we're picking up 100 wings"
Patrick gets an MVP award for
Buying 100 wings
Being the only person at the party to actualy play football
Making a bunch of the commercials
Beating Super Macho Man without a scratch
His countless hours of panda research and the power to move objects with his mind
Franco was reported to have freaked in the kicthen /2nd TV room when he was disapointed that he had already seen a commercial that aired before kick off. (I did not witness it, but Ben's recount of the event was all I needed.
Franco gets and MVP award for
Deciding to patent the "Giants Cha Cha" chant and then deciding to patent about 14 more phrases
Yelling "You owe me a dollar, I patented that"
Giving Joel that sweet TV!
Saying "Oh this guy is super strong" in reference to the "World's Strongest Man"
His one robot arm that tells the future
Saving the orphans from a church fire while playing air bass and writing a letter to Kirk Cameron
Ben gets an MVP award for
The tone of the scream in which he used to describe Francos fit of rage
Always making sure you got suds
Being an Eagles fan
Driving 700 miles in a car powered by olives
Defeating the army of pirates that one time
Standing up to the bully and getting the girl
Manchester also freaked out and deemed this years Super Bowl's theme to be "Down Under" and was screaming "G'Day Mate" and other crappy Aussie quotes making this years super bowl the most funny one since the year that Ralph came into Clems every 7-10 minutes to yell "Bang Em!" and then would return to the shithole where they give out free tater tots next door.
Manchester gets an MVP award for
Actually knowing about football
Teaching me to drink beer out of a skeleton's head
Pointing out that Fin was playing "Heart Throb" in the kitchen with the girls
Being the front man to a band that has not been formed yet
Cleaning the garage
Making it to Joel's before halftime,
Eating 75 hard boiled eggs
Playing 5th cello at Lincoln Center while wearing a snake skin suit
Joel gets an MVP award for
Letting everyone wipe hot sauce and fecal matter on the TV screen
Shotgunning a beer using his thumb
Turning stone to bread,
Building a force field around Jupiter
Timmy gets an MVP award for
Being the only Giants Supporter
Taking pictures
Spinning a football on his finger for 56 minutes
planting a tree in your name
feather dusting the place

Sorry about the lack of pictures but I was watching the game and stuffing my pie hole full of wings and footloaf.

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dave said...

what, no MVP award for 'dude who didn't show up because he was too hung over from a karaoke party'?