Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Greece up your berings...

Every once in a while in my many travels around
the NYC area I come across a good looking skate spot
and think I should let others know about it.
Located on 29 ST, 30 ST, 30 AVE Astoria Queens
I'm sure Athens Square Park is no secret or anything
judging from the wax everywhere and 1400 layers of
paint on the waist high handrails, but hey... it looks really fun.
Socrates often said that his wisdom was limited to an awareness
of his own ignorance.

He also loves San Demus

Athena had a special relationship with Athens,
as is shown by the etymological connection of the
names of the goddess and the city. Athena was said
to have won a contest between her and Poseidon,
god of the Sea, over the city of Athens.

Susan Fleetwood played Athena in 1981's
epic "Clash of the Titans" and her brother Mick was
Fleetwood Mac's drummer.
Note: Athens Square Park is made of concrete, therefore
I am in no way knocking God for not taking the Astoria job.
I mean he had a son that was a kick ass carpenter, who do you
think built the "Animal Chin" Ramp.

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dave said...

I'd love to head out there some time and take photos of a skate adventure. Let me know if you're headed there and I'll make the trip.