Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Green Machine goes Up in Smoke

Mike Henry lost his pride and joy over the weekend
"A leisurely Sunday afternoon drive was going smoothly, as I made my way
down country roads from New Paltz en route to Brooklyn, the "Heavy Chevy"
and I looking forward to a long season of warm weather motoring after a
long winter hibernation.

80 miles into the trip as we made our graceful exit off the palisades
parkway onto the George Washington bridge, I was horrified at some of
the worst standstill traffic I've ever seen. After 1/2 hr of rough idle
around the entrance ramps, things were heating up. Finally made it onto
the bridge, and the torque monster decided it could not compete in this
world of highly efficient cars with modern cooling systems and electric
fans. At approximately 2:25 pm, it was overcome with the feeling that
life is not worth living. I tried to turn the old girl over and noticed
paint bubbling on the hood. I jumped out of the car to try and do
something, but the engine compartment was already overcome with flames.
With a whimper, I was forced to abandon ship and climb into the bike
lane for safety.

I was not hurt so it could have been worse. The port authority police
had to close the upper level of the bridge and pedestrian lane for some
time while the hazmat team put out the blaze. They then towed me off
the bridge and deposited me and the still smoldering wreck on 178th st
and ft. Washington ave. I then had to find a towing company shady
enough to take a smoking car that was leeching fluids and parts. Then,
with whatever remaining dignity I could muster, walked my way to the
shuttle bus to the A train for the long ride home".
*An Email from Mike Henry*

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