Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July: The “Bat Wing” finally fails me...

As most of you know ever since Timmy and Annu’s engagement party my camera screen has been broken, but it has not stopped me from capturing the drunken antics of all the “Meatballs” I know.

This time though, things are different, now it has gotten so bad that I cannot see the settings of the camera hence the weirdness of these photos. I guess there is a setting that takes multiple shots (see below) and because I simply thought my camera had just had it, I didn’t even get fireworks footage.

Well, here is a recap: Chris Henry’s roof got totally insane, shit was blowing up everywhere, and there was about 300 people weakening the roof above the hotdog cart hideout by (indepen)dancing, and since I’m a retard and didn’t want to take the two minutes to figure out the flaw in my camera this is all I got.

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