Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time Machine VOL I: fIREHOSE April 1993

This was the second time I had seen fIREHOSE
Live. Mike Watt was nice enough to let me sit
on stage and film and photograph the show after
I told him I traded flannel shirts with him a year
earlier and he remembered me.

This is the shirt(bedroom 1992).
yes, I was and still am a pack-rat nerd

Jake, Shane and Paul were there too it was
so awesome, I remember Mike Watt drew a
Hitler mustache on Jake's driver license photo.

Best Bass Player ever!

Jake and Paul taking it all in

George Hurley setting up the kit

Ed Crawford looking like Michael J Fox

Jake, Mike and Shane

The shirt I gave Ed

Thor's Hammer

The two best Bass Players ever

I think this was the most star struck I ever
got except for the time I worked with Jerry
Levin AKA "Styles" from Teen Wolf.

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